Gym Marketing Tips #2 – Numbers Matter!

If you own a martial arts gym or any gym for that matter, can you answer the following questions? How many people called your facility last month? How many web inquiries did you have? How many walk ins did you have? How many intro classes did your gym do?

Logically, the next question is how many of those phone calls and web inquiries actually came in? What was your conversion rate to memberships to each of these? Sad but true, 99 out of 100 gyms don’t know these basic numbers.

If this sounds complicated to know, it’s not. These are essential numbers gym owners need to know. The fact is, no matter how good of a teacher you are, your gym business will not get easier in the future. Whether your BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA or what ever, there are more gyms coming to your market in the future. Some will be less quality and better at marketing. Others will be different types of martial arts or fitness classes and some may offer just what your gym does.

One gym isn’t going to put your gym under but think about this. As different gyms come into your market, each gym will have a small impact of some sort on your gym. Most gym owners don’t realize the “bite size ” chunks of members that they lose until it’s a large number in retrospect after they are already hurting.

The way to bring long term stability to your gym is to treat it like a real business. Be aware of your numbers. Numbers never lie. They are the roadmap to making informed decisions for growing your business. Just as in any combat sport or martial art, the base and fundamentals must come first. The base and fundamentals of your gym are its numbers. If you don’t know how many calls and inquiries you have, you can’t know your closing percentage. This makes it impossible to make a realistic projection of future sales.

FitSmart Marketing is not taking on many new clients right now but I will be glad to give your gym a free evaluation. A lot of these things you can fix yourself once you’re aware of them as long as your committed.

Robert Smilanich
Helping gym owners is what we do

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